Edwin Clark Slams Donald Trump For Describing Buhari As 'Lifeless'

 FORMER Federal Commissioner for Information and South South Leader, Chief Edwin Clark, Tuesday, lampooned the President of United States of America, USA, Donald Trump for describing President Muhammadu Buhari who was his visitor at the White House in April as lifeless.

According to Clark, the President of the United States of America has no such right to insult the President of Nigeria, just as he described his statements as very undiplomatic.

Speaking with Vanguard yesterday in Abuja, Chief Clark who urged Trump to leave Buhari alone and face his many domestic problems, however warned the President of the United States of America against such unguarded statements and called on the people of America to call him to order.

According to the Ijaw leader, such statements were capable of causing a rift between Nigeria and the United States of America, adding that no one should be happy that Trump made such remarks about Buhari.

The Elder Statesman who noted that Nigerians must rise to defend Buhari anytime he was attacked by his colleagues outside the country because he is the President of the country and the president of everyone in the country, said however that he was not surprised at Trump’s statements, adding that this explains why he had always asked the President to in all its ramifications exhibit those characteristics that would portray him as the President of all because any attack on him is a direct affront on every Nigerian.

Clark said, “Well the statement did not come to me as a surprise because the President of the United States of America is the man who makes anyhow statements, so it did not come to me as a surprise. Iam surprised that Nigerians who think that they should comment on it, to make it political, it is unfortunate. President Buhari is the president of the whole of Nigeria and therefore once he is being attacked and abused by people, his counterparts outside the country, we must defend him, we must reply.

“It is a diplomatic statement, President Buhari was invited to the agencies of America by President Donald Trump and he went there, they held a press conference together and what makes him victim is that the President of Nigeria is laughed at and that he never wanted to meet someone so lifeless again, that’s very silly, and insulting to our own nation and we should regard it as such, this is not local politics, its current terms and President Trump is always like that, he has made similar statements about other countries and when he visited Great Britain, if you know the statement he made about the Prime Minister of Great Britain regarding the meeting of European union.

“We also heard the statement he made about the chancellor of Germany, the recent one was when he went to Canada and he met the community and that he didn’t like the community and he was abusing the prime minister of Canada. Trump can say anything the recent statement was when the US Senator, John Sidney Mc Clain died, everybody felt it in America, he wanted the former President George Bush and Barack Obama to attend his funeral and speak, and said he doesn’t want President Trump to attend his funeral that’s the type of man we are talking about.

“Nigerians should unite to defend their President and the problem of Buhari’s politics and so on should be regarded as local statement, we have the duty to defend Mr. President as Nigerians. So political parties, individuals should not take it as something, that is why we have always stated that Nigeria is one country, Mr. President is a Nigerian and should behave as such, any attack on him by anybody is an attack on Nigerians and the people of this country, so we should not be happy.

“The President of America made such remarks and unguarded speech about our President, he has no right to do so, it is very undiplomatic and the people of America should call him to order and this is enough to cause a rift between our country and United States of America. So no one should be happy that the US President made such remarks about our President.”

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