Kenyan accuses Nigerians of ‘stealing’ their women, selling drugs

A call for the deportation of Nigerians in Kenya, has been made by a Kenyan Twitter user, who accused Nigerian nationals of defrauding innocent Kenyans, selling drugs and stealing Kenyan women.

@P_Kim_ made the accusation and call for deportation of Nigerians on the verified handle of the Kenyan Immigration agency, @ImmigrationDept when the agency asked its followers to report illegal immigrants in the country. His tweet reads;

“I would like to report: 1. Deport all the Chinese doing jobs that can be done by the locals. 2. Deport all the Nigerians conning innocent Kenyans, selling drugs & stealing our women. 3. Deport all Somalis of non-Kenyan origin.”

Few months ago, a Nairobi court ordered Kenya’s Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet and Immigration Director Gordon Kihalangwa, to immediately deport a Nigerian man who has been in the country for six years without valid documentation.

The court also heard that Okeke Patrick Godwin Chukwudu, 56, had been preying on Nairobi women but kept on dumping one for another in order to survive in the city. Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi ordered Mr Boinnet to liaise with Mr Kihalangwa, to ensure a flight destined to his west Africa country was secured in order to deport him.
“The Inspector General of National Police Service to liaise with the Director of Immigration to ensure the accused person is deported this evening. You must be on a flight to Nigeria this evening,” added Mr Andayi.

Mr Okeke was charged with being in Kenya unlawfully contrary to the laws of Kenya. He was found on April 9 along Limuru Road within Nairobi, without a valid pass or permit allowing him to be present in the country.

The 56-year-old Nigerian pleaded guilty to the charge. In his mitigation, he alleged that his Nigerian passport had been confiscated by his “Kenyan wife” following a domestic row. He told the trial magistrate that he reported that matter with his embassy, in order to help him regularize his stay in the country. Mr Okeke was, however, unable to provide to any evidence to the trial magistrate who asked him to indicate why he had stayed in the country since 2010 without valid document.

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